free will can be a bitch

be not afraid

not of the dark without
nor of the dark within

these flesh clothes
neither profane
nor holy

the soul wends its way
grasping to understand its existence

aware and alone
tasting of depravity, nobility,
and the mundane

the lines between so thin
so easily broken


night clerk

heavy summer haze
dank with leftover wet
last night’s blessing

insectoid cacophony
loud, indignant protest
i offend them in my passing

wind my way left
across the grass
the sparkling pavement

to a box of white noise
fluorescent light inside and out
a beacon blight, up late

flashy bright color
spread across shiny white surfaces
luring in the masses to buy trash

slide behind the counter
take your place, little cog,
in the great consumerist machine

and i take their money
and i smile
and i seethe

we suck the life from the earth
we suck the life from one another
we leave this yawning void

and nature hates a vacuum…

i wish i could free us all

up from the floor

slick new year
grease for the wheel of time
turn, baby, turn

slide right in with the cold
wide eyed and sparkling
brisk and braced and wrapped in furs

slurp up the good stuff  to keep you warm
fire with ice and sugar
burns so nice on the way down

slip and fall and find your way
fumbling for another smoke
flick, rasp, light

slow and salty sweet
thick like molasses
hello, daybreak