ever heard a goddess speak?

with a whiskey thick tongue and raspy smoke voice

put dat boy down dis hole, she says with a wink and a nod

and i do as told, because some evil needs Maman to deal with it

soft wax figure, wrapped in goathead stickers, drenched in oil and herbs, down a deep dark hole in a dead tree, broad daylight, middle of town

when a goddess speaks, you listen well, girl

when a goddess laughs, the world trembles 

and the girl smiles



​my chest is a graveyard

of dreams

of relationships

so many lost things

quiet and dim

clouds and moonlight

I wander through the stones

touching, muttering, remembering

a cacophony of ache

awash in perspective

visions of self and time

who am I now?

daughter of the morrigan

feeding off carrion

casting bones for sight

survival requires claws

tangled, wild dark

bloody teeth

tear streaked dirt

fearsome and feral

raspy, unused voice

calling the crows

calling down the moon

speaking in howls and sighs

waiting on 

She Who Sings

She of the Thousand Names

She Who Weeps

not to be saved

not for comfort

but for new battle cries

old weapons

passion beyond containment

the lazarus effect

explosive color
gorgeous noise
voices calling
step up! step up!

Life did not stop
while you were gone
were hiding

it’s too much, too much
it’s overwhelming
it’s glorious
give me more

i’ve been fasting
so feed me
get me drunk
let me taste the delights
and the tragedies

i stumbled out
blinking at the light

in two breaths
the life i had left in limbo
opting for a cave
came blaring back

it is much too much
but give me more